Online Yoga - Beginner

Yoga Schedule

Schedule for online Yoga session

Date, time and location
Date Every Sunday
Time 7 AM to 8 AM (British Summer Time)
Registration Online Yoga Registration
Location Joining link will be shared with calendar invite
Basics & Precautions
What should you bring?

  • Enthusiasm:
    Yoga is life changing practice and hardest part is getting started. After practice of 12 weeks, these Yoga practice will become part of your life.

  • Yoga Mat:
    Yoga Mat act as an insulator between your body and earth. It will also keep your energy with you.

  • One small towel (Optional):
    To clean or wipe face during practice.
What should you wear?

  • Ensure you pick only clothes that make you free and comfortable and poses little or no hindrance.

  • Preferably, select cotton materials which will allow free flow of air and sweat absorption.

  • Avoid skin-tight clothes they limit movement and may result in injuries during practice.

  • Take off spectacles, wristwatches or any jewellery.

What should you do before Yoga?

  • Avoid heavy meal:
    Practicing Yoga can be uncomfortable with a full stomach. This is one of the important precautions to note before starting yoga. It is recommended that you start your practice after 4 hours of your meal.

  • Use Restroom:
    If you feel the need to use the restroom, then by all means do. Eliminate all elements of abdominal discomfort since some poses focus on the abdomen. You will also feel more relaxed.

Who should not do Yoga?

  • Mensuration & Pregnant women.

  • If you had any operation in last six months

  • If your doctor not advised.

  • If you have:

    • Heart disease
    • Weakness
    • High blood pressure
    • Sciatica problem
    • Hernia
Pranayama & Asanas (1 Hour)
1 Bhastrika Pranayama 4 Minutes
2 Kapalbhati Pranayama 7 Minutes
3 Nadishodhan Pranayama 5 Minutes
4 Bhramari Pranayama 2 Minutes
5 Sheetali Pranayama 2 Minutes
6 Sheetkari Pranayama 2 Minutes
7 Suryabhedi Pranayama 2 Minutes
8 Chandrabhedi Pranayama 2 Minutes
9 Ujjayi Pranayama 2 Minutes
10 Udgeeth Pranayama 2 Minute
11 Asanas for legs & thighs 5 Minute
12 Asanas for fingers & hands 5 Minute
13 Asanas for shoulders and neck 5 Minute
14 Traditional Asanas 10 Minute
15 Meditation 5 Minutes