जिव्हया वायुमाकृष्य पूर्ववत् कुम्भसाधनम् ।
शनकैर्घाणरन्घ्राभ्याम रेचयेत् पवनं सुधीः ।।

Sheetali Pranayama

By doing this Pranayama the body feels cool. Therefore, it is called Sheetali Pranayama.

Air is drawn in over the tongue and Kumbhak is performed as before. The wise practitioner then breaths out slowly through both the nostrils.

It is obvious from the name of the Pranayama itself that it gives cooling effect to the body.

After doing this Pranayama one feels mental steadiness, pleasant and energetic.

In this Pranayama should not be done in winter season.

This Pranayama is useful to control the anger.

  • This Pranayama cools the body.
  • It removes high blood pressure.
  • It cure skin disease.
  • It cure spleen disease.
  • It cure fever and inflammation.
  • It cure over production of bile and the consequences of poisonous food consumption.
  • One attain fine control on his thirst and hunger.
  • One Experiences calmness and peace in mind.
  • Increase in lungs capacity and stamina

Do not perform this Pranayama in open air when the temperature is as low as 5-10 centigrade, because air is directly entering into the lungs.

Avoid this Pranayama in crowd where too many persons are gathered.

People with low blood pressure should avoid this Pranayama.


  • Sit in Padamasana or Sukhasana.
  • Keep the spine, chest, neck, and head straight.
  • Bring out your tongue from mouth and form your tongue like a tube. This will look like a beak of a crow
  • Now hold the tongue between the lips and inhale through it.
  • A sound like 'si' is produced
  • Inhale slowly so that more cooling sensation is experienced.
  • Exhale slowly from both nostrils.
  • Repeat the process for 10 times.
  • After finishing, relax yourself for minimum 30 seconds; while relaxing bring all your attention to Vishudhi Chakra.