मुखं संयम्य नाडीभ्यामाकृष्य पवनं शनैः।
यथा लगति कण्ठात्तु हृदयावधि सस्वनम् ।।

Ujjayi Pranayama

The name is formed by joining two words - Uch and Jayi, which means to control Prana. therefore, it is called Ujjayi Pranayama.

Hatha Yoga also claims that the gastric fire is increased and diseases like dropsy can also be cured by this Pranayama.

Practice of Ujjayi Pranayama without Kumbhaka, has been found to relieve depression.

  • This Pranayama can be done in all seasons.
  • It removes cold, cough and tonsils.
  • It increases appetite.
  • it is helpful in case of high blood pressure.
  • It is helpful to cure throat problems.
  • It is helpful to cure hammering and snoring problem.
  • Regular practice of this Pranayama will make your voice soft & sweet.
  • One feels calm and relaxed as well as balanced in mind after this Pranayama

Persons having high blood pressure or heart problem either avoid it or do it slowly.

Person should not put and extra pressure.

If you feel sick or tired stop this immediately and do Shavasana.


  • Sit in Padamasana or Sukhasana.
  • Keep the chest, neck, and head straight.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Bring tongue in contact with the upper portion of mouth.
  • While doing Poorak, shrink your throat, inhale slowly and make a sound from your throat.
  • Hold your breath for few seconds and exhale.
  • Repeat the process either 3 or 5 or 7 or 11 times.
  • After finishing above 3 steps, relax yourself for minimum 30 seconds; while relaxing bring all your attention to Vishudhi Chakra.