Sukhasana is a sitting position, where the Sadhaka sits in the comfortable cross-legged position. This Asana used for meditation and Pranayama.

The name comes from the Sanskrit word Sukha meaning pleasure, and Asana meaning posture or position.


Place your blanket or your yoga mat on the surface, spread both of your legs and sit on the blanket/yoga mat.

Bend your left leg and place it under your right thigh, bend your right leg and place it under your left leg. This is also called cross-leg position.
Place your hands on your knees either in Gyanmudra or Chinmudra. Your spine should be in a upright position, the neck and chest should also be in the upright position. Eyes must be closed all the time.
If you are not comfortable in this position, then you can put two cushions under your knees. You can also wrap a towl on your waist if you want to sit for longer period.

Center of attention: Agya (Ajna) Chakra

Make you able to sit for a long time, and prepare your body for meditation.

Develop flexibility for your knees.
Build strength for your spine.
Rechak and Poorak process will work equally.


People with knee injurys should avoid this Asana.

If you are not sure about your injury, related to your body parts always seek your doctor's advice.