Pavanamuktasana | The Wind Releasing Posture

Pavana means wind and mukta means to release or to make free and Asana means posture.
As the name suggests, this āsana is useful in removing wind or flatulence from the stomach and intestines.


Place your blanket or your yoga mat on the surface.

Lie down flat on the back.
Bend both the knees.
Exhale, bring both the knees towards the chest.
Inhale, interlock the fingers and clasp the shin below knees.
Exhale, raise the head till your chin touches the knees and relax.
This is Pavanamuktāsana.
Bring the head back to the ground.
While exhaling, bring the legs back to the floor.
Now relax in Śavāsana
Synchronise your breathing with the leg movement.
While touching the knee with the nose/ forehead, you should be able to feel the lumbar region stretch; keep the eyes closed and focus your attention on the pelvic and lumbar region.


This asana removes constipation.

Gives relief from flatulence.
decreases the bloating sensation in the abdomen and aids digestion
Generates deep internal pressure.
Improves stretching of the highly complicated network of muscles, ligaments and tendons in the pelvis and waist region.
It tones up the back muscles and spinal nerves.


Please avoid this practice in case of abdominal injuries, hernia, sciatica, severe back pain and during pregnancy.