Savasana | Corpse Pose | Dead Body Pose

Sava means dead body. The final position in this āsana resembles a corpse/dead body.


Place your blanket or your yoga mat on the surface.

Lie down on your back with arms and legs comfortably apart.
Palms facing upward, eyes closed.
Relax the whole body consciously.
Become aware of natural breath and allow it to become slow and shallow.
Remain in the position till you feel refresh and relaxed.


Helps to relieve all kinds of tensions and gives rest to both body and mind.

Relaxes the whole psycho-physiological system.
The mind, which is constantly attracted to the outer world, takes a U-turn and moves inwards, thus gradually getting absorbed; as the mind turns quiet and absorbed, the practitioner remains undisturbed by the external environment.
It is found very beneficial in the management of stress and its consequences