Ustrasana | Camel Pose

Uṣṭra means camel and asana means posture.
The body in this pose resembles a camel, hence the name.


Place your blanket or your yoga mat on the surface.

Sit in Vajrāsana.
Bring the knees and the feet about few inches apart and stand on your knees.
While inhaling bend backward place the right palm on right heel and left palm on left heel and exhale.
Be careful not to jerk the neck while bending backward.
In final position, thighs will be vertical to the floor and head tilted backwards.
Weight of the body should be evenly distributed on the arms and legs.
Remain in the posture for 10-30 seconds with normal breathing.
Return with inhalation and sit in Vajrāsana.
Now relax in Viśrāmāsana.


This āsana brings stability in the body.

This āsana relives stress, reduces abdominal & hips fat.
This āsana stretch the body and helps to relieve backache.
This āsana relieves constipation.
Uṣṭrāsana is extremely useful for defective eyesight.
It is helpful in digestive problems and cardio-respiratory disorders.


Those who have undergone abdominal surgery should avoid this āsana for 4-5 months.

Those who suffer from hernia, ulcers should not practice this āsana.
Avoid this Asana in case of dizziness.
Those suffering from heart diseases should not practice it.