Shirshasana formed with Shirsha + Asana, Shirsha means head and Asan is posture or position.
It is prominent in head, neck and shoulder. It is beneficial for our health in many ways. Provides the power to bear the entire body weight to our head and makes the brain to tolerate excess blood flow.

Shirshasana is very important Asan and play a very important role to improve the memory.


Place your blanket or your yoga mat on the surface.

Stand up and make a distance of about 3 feet between the two legs. While inhaling, raise the hands up and while exhaling, lean forward and place the palms on the ground/floor.
Maintain the balance of the body, rest the front of the head between the two hands on the ground. Now move both hands backwards and hold the wrist of the other hand with one hand while keeping it above the waist. In this state, lift the ankles so that the weight of the body falls on the head and feet. As long as you are comfortable, take a comfortable breath and stay in this state. Then to come back, while breathing, first open your hands and rest on the ground. Slowly return to normal.
This was a round of this posture. When it is well practiced, then the duration of the last pose is gradually increased. Each round takes about 30 seconds to one minute. After each round, lie down for a few moments. During the whole process, attention was focused on the breath.

Center of attention: Sahasrara Chakra

Practicing for a long time also relieves other brain related diseases including stress, depression and anxiety.

This Asana cure gastric problem.
The problem of low blood pressure is relieved.
The muscles of the neck are strong.
Due to increased blood circulation to the head, facial freckles disappear. Wrinkles are less and face radiance increases.
It is helpful to look younger for longer.
The body's immunity is strong.
Imbalance of hormones is removed.
The arm and lower back become flexible and there are no back problems.
The body is not unformed and there is a balance between all the parts of the body.
Kidney, pancreas and liver secretion are controlled


People suffering from high blood pressure and heart disease should not do this.

Avoid this Asana in case of dizziness.
Avoid this Asana if you have head injury.