Ardha Halasana

'Ardha’ means half, ‘Hala’ means plough and asana means posture.
This posture is known as Ardha Halāsana because in its final position, the body resembles half the shape of an Indian plough.


Place your blanket or your yoga mat on the surface.

Take supine position, keep hands besides the body and palms resting on the ground.
Inhale, slowly raise your legs together without bending knees and bring them upto at 90 angle with the ground.
The body from hips to shoulder should be kept straight.
Maintain this position comfortably for 10-30 seconds with normal breathing.
Exhale, slowly bring the legs down to the ground without lifting the head.
Now relax in Śavāsana


This āsana brings stability in the body.

This āsana relives stress, reduces abdominal fat and relives constipation.
This āsana stretch the body and helps to relieve backache.
This āsana relieves constipation.
Beneficial for Hypertensive patients but needs to be practiced under supervision.


Those who have undergone abdominal surgery should avoid this āsana for 4-5 months.

Those who suffer from hernia, ulcers should not practice this āsana.
Avoid this Asana in case of dizziness.
Avoid this Asana if you have head or leg injury.
Those who have lumbosacral (lower back) pain should not perform with both legs together.