आसने सुखदे योगी बद्ध्वा चैवासनम् ततः।
दक्षनाडया समाकृष्य बहिस्थं पवनं शनैः।।
आकेशादानखानाच्च निरोधावधि कुम्भयेत्।
ततः शनैः सव्यनाडया रेचयेत् पवनं शनैः ।।
कपालशोधनं वातदोषघ्नं कृमिदोषहृत् ।
पुनः पुनरिदं कार्य सूर्यभेदनमुत्तमम् ।।

Suryabhedi Pranayama

In this Pranayama Poorak is done repeatedly by the right nostril, that is, through the right Swar.

This Pranayama is beneficial in winter season.

In this Pranayama Surya Nadi is awakened and Pingla Nadi gets activated.

  • This Pranayama increases heat in the body.
  • It removes cold, cough, headache and asthma.
  • It is helpful for the patients of diabetes.
  • It will cure throat, tongue and voice problems.

This Pranayama should be done in winter season.

This Pranayama should not be done by those who have heart problem.

Those who has asthma should not do Kumbhaka.


  • Sit in Padamasana or Sukhasana.
  • Keep the chest, neck, and head straight.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Join your index finger and middle finger of your right hand, and join ring finger and little finger as well. Keep the thumb separate.
  • Put your little and ring finger to left nostril and breath in from right nostril.
  • Close right nostril with the help of thumb of right hand; remove the little finger and ring finger from left nostril and breath out.
  • Repeat the same process for 3 minutes; Poorak from the right nostril and Rechak from left nostril.
  • After finishing above steps, relax yourself for minimum 30 seconds; while relaxing bring all your attention to either Agya (Ajna) Chakra or Vishudhi Chakra