वेगात घोषं पूरक भृंगनादम् ।
भृंगनादम् रेचकं मन्दमन्दम् ॥
योगिन्द्राणामेवमभ्यास योगात् ।
चित्तेजाता काचिदानन्दलीला॥

Bhramari Pranayama

While doing Poorak quickly a humming sound like that of a male bee and while doing Rechak a hum sound like that of a female bee should be produced.

The person who practice Bhramari Pranayama regularly experience bliss.

This Pranayama generates vibrations which pacify the brain and nervous system.


  • Mind gets absorbed in this pleasurable and soothing vibratory sound.
  • The practitioner experiences a blissful feeling.
  • It helps integration of internalized awareness and extra-sensory perception on the longer run.
  • This Pranayama improves memory.
  • It reduces instability of mind and calms it down, and tranquilization of mind.
  • This Pranayama is very good for people who has mental tension, stress, high blood pressure and cardiac disorder.
  • Increase melody to your voice.

Vibratory sound should not be harsh and too loud.


  • Sit in Padamasana or Sukhasana.
  • Keep the chest, neck, and head straight.
  • Put your index finger to your forehead; middle finger and ring finger to your eyes; little finger to your nose and press gently your nose.
  • Inhale deeply and exhale slowly from your nose and produce drone sound (humming sound). Your mouth must be close all the time.
  • Bring all your attention to this sound; this is nasal sound produced due to vibration of the soft palate.
  • Repeat this process either 3 or 5 or 7 or 11 times according to your convenience.
  • Once you finish relax yourself for minimum 30 seconds; while relaxing bring all your attention to Sahasrara Chakra.